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Why using a peoplecounter ?

  • Boost your sales by improving the buyer-to-visitor ratio
  • Increase your revenues per visitor
  • Collect data on customer movement, analyse trends and evaluate your advertising and sales campaigns
  • Optimise your product placement using effective customer movement analysis
  • Optimise your opening times and plan your workforce according to the number of visitors
  • Documentation and statistics for rent negotiations based on visitor numbers


More detailed Information about our brand new 3D Technologie 2nd GEN here  [read more...]


AXIS People counter and it´s benefits - Counting goes instore Analytics


Get better customer behaviour and store activity insight – then ensure that your staff rapidly engages to convert sales and customer experience opportunities. Every hour of every business day. You can focus on customer engagement, sales and service by efficiently monitoring in-store queues, re-allocating your staff in real time and seeing how well your campaigns and merchandising attracts shoppers. Cognimatics world-leading technology is now integrated in Axis cameras and solutions for retailers.